Colloidal Silver Dosage


Has anyone used colloidal silver on cats, and if so, do you know how much to give them? I have a few cats I want to use it on, and they range from 5 lbs. to 13 lbs. The brand I bought recommends 1 dropper for infants, 3 droppers for children, and 6 droppers (1 tsp.) for adults. It has 10 ppm of silver. I’m hoping to use it for immune support.

Coloidal Silver is very controversial. Please do your research because it can be dangerous.

I have heard that it can be harmful as well although I must say I have used it on my small animals and my cat by the advice of my holistic vet in the past. It has helped my animals very much. If I remember right and please correct me if I am wrong anyone, collodial silver is only harmful in very large doses if ingested internally. I would love to hear comments on this actually as I would like to know more about collodial silver myself. Bill, do you have any links to share for research?

Ok was wanting to know if anyone can tell me what all you use this for i have some that i was told to buy for an eye infection on my chinchilla ? but i have a little dog that we just got a bout a week ago and she has a couple of fleas we are trying to get under hand but she has dug sores on her neck was wanting to know if i put some of this on there would it help it clear up and will it be ok for her?

When I used collodial silver, it was for cats suffering from upper respitory infections. I sprayed it on the eyes and it seemed to help very well. This was the advice given to me by a vet. I have also used it on my pet rats who suffered from URI and it worked great there too. Now I don’t know all the uses of collodial silver but I am going to guess here and ask at the same time, can it be used for mild skin rashes on dogs such areas near the tuck up? For some reason I just think it may help heal a mild skin rash. Any thoughts?

I use Colloidal Silver from It is the best I’ve found and was recommended to me. The infant dose should be fine, I use 1/4 to 1/2 tsp usually. What are you treating?

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