Dog with Broken Hip and Pelvis


Two days ago I rescued an injured stray dog, and am looking for some advice. Her owner dumped her on the side of the highway out in the desert, took her puppies to sell or give away, and then she was struck by a car. A nearby, rural convenience store worker informed me of all of this when I questioned the injured dog sitting in front of his store. I brought her to the vet in my town, and it now looks like I am the proud owner of a very expensive mutt! 🙂 She’s very young–perhaps not even a year old–and a black lab mix (perhaps mixed with a dachshund?). After taking x-rays, it looks like she was lucky to have only fractured her pelvis and her hip. The hip, he says, is actually not as serious as it could have been–the fracture is far away from the legs. It will take some time, but he says that it will heal on its own eventually.

She can barely walk, though she does come out of her crate to urinate, and can stand and sit for brief periods of time. She’s on some pain medication once a day. It’s been suggested that I take her outdoors to do her business, using a towel as a sort of sling to support her hips. I’m doing this, but it just feels like I’m causing more pain, and she certainly has no intention of using the bathroom while I’ve got a towel wrapped around her! This dog is very sweet and quite the trouper, not even appearing to mind my golden retriever poking his head into her crate every hour or two to check on her. She’s begun eating voraciously, and drinks water readily. Any suggestions? The vet said that this is a fairly common injury in car accidents, so I thought others may have had similar experiences. Thanks for any advice that you may be able to provide!

I hope your girl is healing nicely. She was a lucky dog to have survived. I strongly recommend massage therapy. This can easily become a pleasant way of life for years to come. Find a “people” therapist that will show you the basics (they’re all animal lovers}. Then start applying what you’ve learned to her. Also put her on Canine Missing Link with glucosamine and condroiton. It can be found at any of the big pet commisary stores. It’s an excellent supplement and you will need to keep her on it for life. Swimming is also a great exercise for a dog with this kind of injury. Best of luck to you both. Let me know how you make out .

What a fabulous way for you to bond. She will be forever loyal to you for saving her life. God has sent you one his angels in her. You will see what she will do for you in the years to come. If you can give her ARNICA tablets to help the injury and rescue remedy for her psyche.

It’s been several months now, and Bean has healed up unbelievably well, and now runs all over the place after my other dog. She’s busy leaping onto furniture and trying to climb trees (she’s become something of a handful! 🙂 ). She’s also discovered swimming (my other dog is a retriever, so she had no choice in the matter). She exhibits no pain at all, though when she runs (which is often) she often does so on just 3 legs. As a result, her body is a bit lopsided–more muscular in the front than in the back, and more muscular on one side than on the other. She’s currently on no medication for her injury, but I will check out the supplement that you mentioned.

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